Legal drinking age in Jamaica – nothing to fuss about

There are countries where governments seem to think the can change alcohol-drinking lifestyles with prohibitive laws, while there are others where mild-to-moderate alcohol consumption among youngsters are is regarded as socially acceptable.

In the Carribean, countries known for its delightfully surprising, wonderfully varied and spicy food, like Jamaica, underage alcohol consumption is condoned. The legal drinking age in Jamaica is 16 but only as far as off-premise purchase of alcohol is concerned. There is actually no set drinking age. During New Year celebrations (and other festivals and social events), for instance, even tots below seven years may be seen gulping down heineken. Jamaican beverages are perfectly suited to the weather and easygoing lifestyle. There is an interesting range of liquors that may fascinate travellers no end. These may utilize rum, fruit or coffee. Among the famous options is Tia Maria coffee liqueur. The unspoken warning: take pleasure in your cocktail, but drink in moderation, or responsibly. If you want buy fake id online read reviews first on

Jamaica’s national drink is rum, and it can be deliciously mixed with other things for refreshing drinks. Young travelers raring for a sip of any of these are therefore free to experience all these, considering that there is no legal drinking age in Jamaica. Mature emerging adults actually pose no problem like adding to the statistics on alcohol-related mishaps. It’s a good thing that many responsible youngsters realize that drinking must be moderated (or resorted to during celebratory or social functions) so as not to pose risks to accidents and injuries.

While a set legal drinking age in Jamaica is practically non-existent, older family members tend to be more concerned about the company that their kids may be keeping.