Nowadays, there are a lot of scam-companies that are often called like one-day firms. Their owners are real frauds. They pursue such a goal as the collecting customer’s money. These companies give you many promises, take the buyer’s money and vanish the next day. In another scenario, these scammers give you their promised services, but the finished cards look awful (with blurry letters and a fuzzy picture) and don’t probably comply with delivery times and other terms of service. This idea is highly taking off in the market of Fake ID makers. In fact, most of them are of dubious origin and type of activity. In this regard, we decided to open a special website where our team of experts and you, guys, can leave your personal reviews about Fake ID companies. We organize the verification process and then put our expert conclusion there. We care about customers who deserve to pay just for good and trustworthy services. It’s all about human rights. Our goal is to discover the reality of the fake id market and give you the most up-to-date information about them.  Sometimes, Sometimes, facing with fraud, we always expose it.

This time we introduce you to the oldest Fake ID seller that is called ID Hurry. You have probably heard of this company many times, as it is a well-known resource. A lot of minors have bought their Fake IDs from this online store and gained the access to the nightlife. Ask your friends or friends of your friends, and we are sure, you will find someone who has a fake card from this company. ID Hurry has a proven reputation and regular customers. Buyers note that this online service has a professional team that produces id cards of high quality and the long business experience in the market. However, we decided to go for our own examination and check what they offer at all. We want to find out if it is worth ordering a fake identity card there or not.

Let’s see what this service has to offer. ID Hurry specializes only in fake IDs, they don’t produce any other goods. It means that this online store pays maximum attention to producing good and high-quality fake identity cards. Go in the SHOP tab and you will see a wide range of the offering states where your future fake id will be from. There are presented almost all 50 states except Columbia.

A few words about the website design. The site looks quite ordinary and works quickly and without errors. The design is logical and convenient as well. Everyone can easily navigate the website as it is well organized. Several tabs will lead you to the general information that you need. Visitors will find details about the available range of fake IDs, delivery times and payment options, contacts of support service and whatever you are looking for. Check the helpful FAQ tab with the most frequently asked question before contacting support service, since you will likely find all the responses to questions there. Sign up on ID Hurry before the ordering. Your account will securely keep your personal information. During  your staying on the website, you won’t come across any bugs or long-lasting download processes for sure.

The domain history shows that this site is not a scam. It has a good history that proves its existence. The domain was registered in 2016 for “HiddenName” by a reliable domain name reseller It hasn’t changed the owner for a long time. Former buyers and current customers describe this website ID Hurry as a pretty useful and reliable online store, especially standing out their services as very helpful ones.

The main purpose of the website is to provide buyers with affordable and high-quality Fake IDs. We also like the regular discount program that comes with every state without exception. For example, today they’re lowering the price by 20% for a California fake ID and offering a 10% discount on a Delaware fake ID. There is the relevant information about states on the website. You can find out the certain state’s laws about drinking and bartending ages. You need to be ready to respond to questions that security personnel may ask you at the entrance to the club.

This web service has two acceptable cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and DASH. You can choose and pay with one of them. They have the wider selection than others who usually accept only BTC. Crypto payment is a more secure and reliable method than well-known Western Union. The last one is often used by scammers and frauds. One more review you may read here

We decided to make an order ourselves, we chose a Pennsylvania fake ID. In our opinion, PA  ID is the most reliable one. We spent $85.00. Everything went right and fast. We have received the fake card on the fifth day. They explained that the photoshop work took a couple of days and the delivery took another three days. The card turned out to be authentic with all the features: holograms, good picture, and scanning barcodes. Then we went for the experiment and compared both cards: real PA ID and a fake one. To our surprise, we did not find any differences, noticeable to the eye. The quality amazed us. Everything was at the highest level!

Summing up all the points, we have rated ID Hurry along as one of the best fake ID manufactures and sellers that are presented in the market. They made and delivered the perfect fake ID that turned out to be looking-like-the-real thing. Navigation and website design are easy to use. Every minor can order ID without any problem. This company provides their customers with decent quality IDs, affordable prices with discounts, secure payment methods, fast and free shipping, as well as good support service.The domain history and  plenty positive reviews and comments from former buyers make us think even better about this online store. Their fake IDs are definitely trustworthy. Our final rating is 9 out of 10!